Avoid Sticker Shock - Hair Color Pricing: Problems and Solutions

Would you authorize an auto mechanic to work on your car before you knew the cost of repair? How about when you visit the dentist? Would you just let them numb you up without first finding out the cost and treatment you are about to receive? Coming from outside of the salon industry right into salon ownership, I never understood how salons could get away with performing color services without first discussing the cost of service? Seriously? How can anyone make a purchasing decision without first knowing the price?

Picture this: You just finished receiving a fantastic haircut and color service at a salon and have been escorted up to the front counter for checkout. The guest care coordinator looks at you and says, that will be $400 today (with a nervous look on their face). You stare at them in utter shock and look around, only to find that your stylist has conveniently disappeared. We call that STICKER SHOCK and we don't like it. Talk about the ol' bait and switch! It's unprofessional, breaks trust, and quite frankly we think it's just downright ridiculous!

Folks, any time you are faced with making a purchasing decision that involves variable pricing, it's in your best interest to find out how much the costs are upfront.  You have a right to know how much it is going to cost.  At Maximum FX, we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy professional hair coloring services. We also believe that your experience should be a pleasant one, where you can fully relax during your visit. You shouldn't be plagued with anxiety the entire time wondering how much all of your services are going to cost.

As with everything we do, it shouldn't be any surprise that the way we perform color services is completely different than most salons. We use a headmapping system that provides you more flexibility in the color services and pricing that we offer. Headmapping allows us to perform up to 28 different color services. On each and every visit, before we apply any color, we will provide you with a written price quotation for the color services we are about to perform. If the price isn't in your budget, or you just don't feel like investing that much money in hair color on that visit, it's perfectly fine. It just means that we'll give you additional hair color options and pricing. It's important to us that you love your hair color, but it's equally important that you leave our salon feeling good about your experience. We believe that being transparent with all of our service pricing builds trust and long-lasting relationships.    We want repeat business and clients who come back to us over and over again.    We understand how you want to be treated.

Attached is a copy of our quotation sheet for your review.

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