Aveda Mall Store Vs. Aveda Salons: 3 Reasons Why It Matters Where You Shop For Aveda Products


We can't tell you how may times we hear clients say the following, "I've been using those products you suggested the last time I was in the salon.  I bought all of the products you recommended at the Aveda store in the mall!"  

We understand that from your perspective, it seems like it's all the same. Right? Ahhhh, ignorance is bliss!

Before we go any further, it's important for you to understand that our partnership with Aveda is invaluable. Our intention for this post is not to say derogatory things about Aveda. In fact, we consider Aveda to be a key contributor to our success! And while we're always super happy that you're using Aveda, (no matter where you purchased it) we thought we'd shed some light on reasons why there are benefits to shopping for Aveda at your salon vs. the Aveda store at the mall.

1.  You and your hair stylist and/or skin care specialist have history. They understand your skin and hair and can make informative suggestions that make sense.    We work hard to earn your trust (and business) by providing answers and solutions to problems.  Aveda does a great job training their employees everything there is to know about their products, what's in them, and how they work. However, most, if not all of them are not practicing hairstylists and skin care specialists.  If they were, they would most likely be working in a salon or spa.  So the question then becomes,  Would you really rather buy products from a retail associate vs. a skilled hairstylist or skin care specialist that works with hair and skin every day?

2.  Support local business!  Aveda salons are not franchises.  They are small businesses that have partnered with Aveda and sell Aveda products.  That's really it.   Every Aveda salon is individually owned by entreprenuers.  (That's why some Aveda salons are great, and some are not so great.)   When you purchase from Aveda salons, you're keeping money in the local economy.   Since Aveda salons aren't franchised, they all have a myriad of different compensation plans for their team members.  However, it's safe to say that when you choose to support your Aveda salon, you're contributing to the success of the salon.  And when the salon is successful, your contributing to the success of your stylist and/or skin care specialist.

3.  Aveda salons will often offer discounts and promotions for your loyalty.  Many Aveda salons will offer programs or promotions where you can enjoy savings when you purchase from them.   For example, at Maximum FX we offer a membership program (MFX Preferred Membership).  For $100 a year, you get unlimited makeup applications, one complimentary style/blowdry service a month, plus 5% off on services, and 10% off on Aveda product purchases.  We also honor the Aveda Pure Privilege program where points are awarded for every $1 you spend on Aveda products.   You most likely won't find any Aveda Mall store offering discounts or promotions (aside from Pure Privilege).

Like we mentioned at the beginning of this post, Aveda is a great partner in business. In fact, a strong positive point for having Aveda stores in the mall is the added benefit of driving new business to the Aveda salon network for salon services (Aveda stores in the mall do not offer salon or spa services). The moral of the story is simply this: Aveda product purchases can possibly have a greater impact on individuals depending on where you choose to buy them.

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