Aveda Congress Kills Hairstyle Boredom

aveda congress

One of the reasons clients choose to leave their longtime stylist is boredom.  Years of the "same as last time" song and dance leave clients uninspired and eager to find someone who will give them that "wow" factor all over again.

So how do stylists inspire themselves, which inspires their clients?  The answer is education!  Here at MFX we take education very seriously.  We know that an educated stylist is an inspired stylist!  Throughout the year our MFX team attend numerous classes on everything from new hair color collections, makeup application, and hair styling.

One opportunity for education in the Aveda Network is Aveda Congress.  This bi-annual educational seminar helps stylists grow in areas ranging from haircutting, styling, Aveda haircolor, and even salon business. Our team is excited for the opportunity to attend this amazing event but we need your help!  As you can imagine, sending the team to an event like this is not cheap!  Adding airfare and accommodations makes the bill even higher.

SO, our SoCo team has an exciting raffle going on that benefits you as well as your stylist!  For $10/entry we are raffling off a YEAR'S WORTH OF HAIRCUTS! (10 total)  Imagine spending a whole year not paying for a single haircut!  That sounds pretty awesome to me!  So help your stylist get to Aveda Congress and not only will you win by having a stylist who is excited and inspired but you might win some free hair pampering as well!

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