Are you using your hair care products correctly?

Great hair starts with a good foundation, and the right cut and color are essential. Choosing appropriate products also plays a big part in getting the look you want, but how you apply them is just as important. If applying a mousse or cream, try using a small amount at a time, and separate the head into sections. Start with a pea to a dime-size amount and apply to the back. Then do the same to the sides, top of head, and finally the hairline. If using a volumizing spray or styling lotion, divide the hair into sections and lift each one while focusing the product on the root area. This technique will help to avoid weighing the hair down with too much product, especially at the top of the head, where you need the most volume. If you watch one of our professionals at our salons, or a stylist who works primarily on fashion shoots, product application is done meticulously, using small amounts for each section of the head. This tip is also great when using leave-in hair products for curly hair.

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