America's #1 resolution is good for your skin too


According to PRweb and Yahoo!, the number one resolution for 2012 is “getting in shape.”  The best way to achieve this goal is with a balanced diet and exercise. Exercise helps to control weight, combat health conditions, improve your mood, increase energy, and promote better sleep (

It also helps to improve your skin!

The number one skin care problem is acne; exercise can help with that! Physical activity produces sweat, which helps flush bad, acne-causing chemicals and bacteria from your pores. As long as you bathe regularly after exercising, and always exercise in clean, ventilated clothing, exercise can actually help clear up your skin problems. Try Aveda’s Calming Body Cleanser, $16, to wash your body while also calming the senses and hydrating your skin.

We all know exercise helps to reduce stress, therefore also reducing the production of cortisol, the hormone which causes skin cells to age faster. With relief from stress, expect to have a naturally fresh, glowing complexion.

Finally, exercise helps to increase blood circulation, carrying vital nutrients to all parts of your body, especially the skin (your largest organ). Blood circulation helps keep skin cells healthy and encourages quick cell turnover… which helps you prevent wrinkles! For even more help in the cell turnover department, try Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics™ Exfoliant, $20. For anti-aging, check out Aveda’s Green Science™ Firming Face Crème, $55.

As you’re powering through your fifth mile or trying to think of a reason to skip your Saturday morning boot camp class, just remember, with exercise – and a little help from Aveda – your skin will be fabulous in no time!

What challenges do you have with your skin? You might already have something at home that can help. Leave a comment below and we might be able to make a recommendation to solve a particular problem you might be having.

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