Am I too old for long hair?

Long Hair Silver/GreyIt is remarkable how many times I've been asked by my female clients, "Am I too old for long hair?"  or "At what age do I go to a short cut?"  Well the answer is there is no defining age when a woman should cut off her hair and your age should not define your hair length.  What I tell my clients is that they should feel comfortable with the length of their hair; that their hair style should flatter them and enhance their natural beauty; and that at any length they need to be able to maintain it as well as keep it looking healthy.

A haircut first and foremost should bring out the best in you, it should be a reflection of your personality, and it should compliment you.  Regardless of your age, a woman can wear her hair long, or she can go short, or anything in between -- its our prerogative as women to change things up and try new things including hairstyles.

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long hair over 50Its an antiquated idea that at a certain age a woman would have to give up her long hair; if longer hair is flattering on you then go for it.  What you don't want is stringy, unkept hair because it is not maintained with regular haircuts and/or styled, this can actually make you look older then you are.  What you want to make sure of is that it looks healthy and that you are able to style it -- work with your stylist to decide the best length and ask for maintenance tips.

Your age does not define you or your hair.  Enjoy your hair and have fun with it!

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