A Love Affair With Aveda Beautifying Oil | 4 Tips To Staying Hydrated | Body Care

aveda, beautifying oil, dry skin, body care, maximum fx, soco, circle c ranch, atxI love products! Hair care, skin care, makeup, you name it and I probably have it, but there is one product I don’t love and that is body lotion! Of course, my legs and arms suffered from a lack of hydration, especially in the summer. However, my dry legs and arms finally found a product that they love and that I love as well and that is Beautifying Oil. South Congress’ lovely aesthetician, Tess turned me on to this amazing product after I told her how yucky I thought lotion felt on my arms and legs. I purchased it over a year ago I have not looked back! This product makes my skin feel amazing! I apply several drops to my damp freshly washed skin after a shower and not only does my body sigh a giant sigh of relief but my nose is overjoyed by the scent of lavender and bergamot. And the benefits do not stop there!


  1. Add a few drops to the scalp and comb through to remedy dry, parched hair. Let the oil soak in over night and rinse out in the morning!
  2. Dry hands and feet? Massage into hands and feet before bed or add a few drops to a bowl of water and let your feet soak. Relaxing and beneficial!
  3. Add a few drops to a daily facial moisturizer or body lotion to amp up the hydrating power.
  4. Also great for a neck and shoulder massage! Sometimes I can convince my husband to give me shoulder rub with a few drops of Beautifying Oil after a long day!

So my advise to you is check out Aveda’s amazing, but often overlooked beautifying oil, you won’t regret it!

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