9 Tips To Managing Split Ends

Hello all, we wanted to take a few minutes to talk about why getting regular haircuts is so crucial in maintaining and growing healthy hair. It is a common misconception, related to folklore in the hair industry, that if you strive to grow your hair long, preferably at an accelerated pace you can achieve this aspiration by not cutting your hair. We're here to let you all know; this myth could not be more fictitious! Did you know that split ends ride up your hair shaft and continue to do so until they are cut off? Split ends also cause major breakage, thinning and will make it seem like your hair has stopped growing. What is happening is that your hair grows from the root, it is always growing, no matter what you do to it. However, your split ends will keep breaking off. The harsh reality is; depending on how long your damaged ends are (aka how far they’ve ridden up your hair) you can break off more than you can grow causing you to be stuck in hair growing limbo!

Tips On Keeping Those Split Ends At Bay!

  • Get a trim (your ends cut off) every 6-10 weeks on the condition of your ends.  Do this especially if you are growing your hair out.

  • Always use a thermal protector BEFORE exposing your hair to heat from styling tools. My favorite is Smooth Infusion style prep from Aveda! Read all about it in my favorite product blog.

  • Try and steer clear of chemicals. Remember, natural hair is beautiful hair. If you color your hair like me, use the most gentle coloring agent you can find. Like Aveda color, which is essentially damage free as it is derived from plant and flower.

  • Use a stylist recommended shampoo and conditioner suited for your individual hair needs. Deep conditioning masques used weekly are also a great way to keep your hair in shape.

  • When swimming in any kind of water, protect your hair by applying a leave in conditioner or oils such as jojoba, coconut oil, etc. before your fun in the sun! You can also use a swim cap.

  • Avoid teasing your hair if possible. Teasing, also known as back combing, is when you use a comb to pull up the scales of your hair to create volume, but when you brush that section again the scales break off causing irreversible damage.

  • Avoid using hair accessories with metal that touches the hair, thin bands, or bands that are too small for your hair density.

  • Ultra violet rays from the sun can be as damaging on your hair as bleach! For days you don’t feel like wearing a hat, which for me is every day, use a sun protector like the amazing sun veil by Aveda. This amazing sun shield has been a trusty member of my hair regimen for quite sometime now. Needless to say; I’m a fan :)

  • Make sure to remove access water from your hair before applying your style prep to blow dry.

So we’ve shared the secrets to success in growing long, healthy, silky locks. Follow these tips and you will undoubtedly see desired results!

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