5 Reasons to clean your makeup brushes and how to do it.

By Erinn Cain, Color Specialist, South Congress location

Alright ladies let’s be honest, professional makeup brushes are an investment. And, like any other investment, we want a great return on that investment. To make sure that will happen you must take care of your brushes. People always forget this.  The best thing you can do is get on a brush cleaning routine…AND DO IT REGULARLY.   Also a tip that most people don't know is to make sure you clean your brushes after you purchase them but before you use them. Why? Because during production, they collect dust, dirt, debris and bacteria.

For those that suffer with acne or have sensitive skin, you will greatly benefit from keeping your foundation brushes clean at all times. Reason? All that bacteria can cause break outs and when you have build up on your foundation/powder brushes it can cause your brushes to be rough and scratchy which will irritate the skin. The best thing for you to do is clean your foundation/powder brush after every use to assure you are taking the best care of your sensitive skin. I understand that is a big commitment, but once you get into a routine it will be easy as pie. If you’re one who never cleans your brushes think about all the old make-up and bacteria that builds up in your brush and then you go rubbing it on your face… um, gross!

5 Reasons why you should always clean your makeup brushes:

  • ~Old make-up
  • ~Dirt & debris
  • ~Bacteria
  • ~Oils
  • ~Dead skin cells

Some of you may have heard of using a gentle baby shampoo as your brush cleaner. This is okay because it will clean them and be gentle on the brush, however it will not disinfect the brush. So, I’m going to share with you a lil’ homemade brush cleaner that I learned a while back and it works wonders.


  • ~Any basic dish soap 

WHY?- because it disinfects and cleanses the brush

  • ~Extra Virgin Olive Oil (sounds weird I know but trust me)

WHY?- to recondition the bristle hair after it’s stripped of oils and disinfected by the soap

Ratio: 1 part olive oil to 2 parts dish soap

Tips on how to wash your brushes:

When wetting your brush be sure to hold it head down at an angle under LUKE WARM water. Why not hot water? If you use hot water it will break up the glue in the ferrule which will loosen the bristles and destroy your brush.

**Also, DO NOT submerge your brush and DO NOT run water into the ferrule. Doing this will also loosen the glue in the brushes.

Be sure to work a small amount of the cleanser into the hairs. Wash thoroughly but gently – DON’T scrub.

A big part of cleaning your brushes is how you dry them… DO NOT stand them up. This allows water to run into the ferrule which loosens the glue as well. Below I have taken a picture of my brushes drying to show you a technique that I use and I also attached a picture I found on Pinterest of another smart way to dry your brushes with a simple wire hanger and some chip clips.

Hope you enjoyed learning a thing or two about better brush care.  Try it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Dirty Makeup Brush - Yuck!
The proper way to run water over your brushes.
The proper way to dry your makeup brushes.

An innovative way to create a makeup brush holder. Fill a mason jar with polished rocks and voila, you have a brush holder.





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