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4 ways to determine your skin's undertone and how it affects hair color

Here is a quick guide to help you determine if your skin has cool or warm undertones and what hair colors work best with each.

1. In natural light, hold out your arm. If the veins on the inside of your elbow look green, you have warm undertones. Blue veins means cool.

2. Hold a piece of gold jewelry and a piece of silver jewelry up against your arm and see which one “pops” or looks better. Gold means warm and silver means cool.

3. Try on baby blue, white, cream, and rust colored clothing. Baby blue and white will look great on cools while cream and rust will look better on warms.

4. If you are really lucky everything looks good on you and you are a neutral.

So what does this mean in terms of hair color?

Cool undertones in the skin lend themselves to cooler hair colors. Colors that have blue, violet,and ashy tones. Reds will work but should be of the red violet or blue-red variety. Blondes should stay away from peachy or golden tones; stay closer to ashy or neutral. Brunettes should also have an ash base to neutralize warm tones.

Warm undertones (you guessed it!) lend themselves to warm hair colors. Golden or peachy blondes, orangey reds, auburn or golden browns.

!!!! Ruddy complexions beware. Stay away from reds and platinum blonde. Red will bring the red in your skin to the forefront and platinum will just look harsh. Slight red tones can be corrected with a make-up primer or concealer with a green tint.

Neutrals can go either way, but I would recommend a hair color that incorporates eye color or clothing color preference.

Remember that these are guidelines for anyone looking for a change and not knowing where to start. Rules can sometimes be broken and create amazing results. The most important thing is that you love your color!

So what color is your natural skin tone? Are you looking to change up your color and not sure what color is right for you? Leave me a comment below. I'm interested in knowing.

By:  Erica Colon, Director Of Education

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