3 Reasons Why It's Okay To "Cheat" On Your Stylist Or Colorist

By Courtney Ellington, Aveda Mentor

aveda, salon, spa, hair, hair color, austin, socoHow about a taboo topic to start off the week? Before the hate mail begins to flow, allow me to clarify one thing. Yes, this blog is about trying other team members and why it is okay. However, please understand that at MFX we understand that many of our clients have their favorite team members. If this is the case with you, rock on! This article is not about "cheating" for the sake of "cheating", but instead, understanding that under certain circumstances if you need to see another team member, taking that option is perfectly okay with us. Unlike most salons that are commission-based or booth rental, at MFX we don't mind. In fact we encourage you to try other team members! Seriously, it's OKAY. To fully understand what I'm trying to say here, read on.

I have often heard that you should never "cheat" on your stylist! There are many advantages to seeing the same stylist, including their in depth knowledge of your hair, their personality, and also the relationship the two of you have built (which also includes a lot of trust!). However, there are times when "cheating" on your stylist is necessary or unavoidable. What is a client to do?! Here a three things that should help settle your nerves when you need to "cheat" on your stylist.

1. Will my stylist be angry or hurt? One option that many people do not consider is seeing another talented member of our MFX team. Many clients worry that seeing another stylist for an appointment will either hurt their current stylist’s feelings or make them angry. No need to fear! Our team loves to share and our stylists' top priority is doing what is best for the client. It's really not about us. It's about YOU. If your schedule does not work with your stylist’s schedule it is completely okay to see another team member. What many clients do not know is that here at MFX we are a team-based salon. Every team member is paid salary, meaning unlike a commission salon, your stylist will not miss out financially if you see someone else. Therefore, we would rather you see another team member than wait in agony another week, or (gasp!) go to another salon, hoping they won't know you "cheated" on them!

2 Will they know what to do with my color? Another fear is that the new colorist will not be able to do the same color as your regular color specialist. Our Guest Care Team and Color Team work to ensure that this does not happen. MFX uses a color system called HEADMAPPING, which allows for a more precise and more easily documented style of color application. Your Colorist and Guest Care team keep notes in our computer system about each visit, including what formula your Colorist used and how they position the foils and even what they would suggest next time! This makes seeing another MFX Colorist a piece of cake!

3. My stylist's price changed! One situation some clients face but are often afraid to admit is that their stylist has become too expensive for them financially. Our hair cutting prices are based on the stylists' experience level, how much continued education they have completed and also how productive the stylist is. Therefore, as your stylist progresses in their training their price will often increase. Do not be afraid to ask your stylist if they can recommend another haircutting specialist that is at a lower price point if you are no longer able to pay their price. Do not worry! Your stylist will not be mad and they will still enjoy seeing you when you come in to see another talented member of our team!

So all in all "cheating" on your stylist is not always a bad thing! And perhaps you can see your much loved stylist the next time around or maybe you will find another favorite stylist at our MFX home!

Have you ever "cheated" on your favorite stylist? If so what was your greatest fear? I would love to know!

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