2014's Fall Hair Trends

Let's talk color first.  This fall be prepared to see the extreme ends of the color spectrum—literally—the coolest platinum blonde and the warmest brunette are on trend.  If blonde is your ambition, be sure to choose a shade of blonde that compliments your coloring and the blonder the better.  Brunettes should steer towards rich shades with warm tones—that includes reds—these bold hues will make your eyes pop.

Haircut trends for men this fall include modern updates to retro looks.  The pompadour, quiff and hard parts are in.  The art of barbering is not dead, quite the opposite.  Gifted barbers are re-introducing men to these “business-like” haircuts that are hot and sexy.  These cuts are clean, precise and edgy.  They are masterfully incorporating bald fades with tailored haircuts and hard parts.  The results are in and this trend is just the beginning—excited to see where these looks go.


 Haircut trends for women this fall include the ever-popular “LOB” (long bob) and new to the scene is the “modern mullet”.  The LOB’s popularity is rising, so expect to see this one around for a little while longer.  This look continues to be in high demand because of how flattering it is on most and because of its versatility when it comes to styling.  New this season is the “modern mullet”, a disconnected shoulder length or shorter haircut.  It is known for its edgier twist on layers that give you more volume.  This cut works well on both straight and curly hair and has been modernized primarily by incorporating the fringe into the rest of the layered haircut.  This new version of the mullet may not be for everyone, but it sure is fun.

Styling those tresses this fall must include center parts, loose waves, braids and twists.  The center part is making a comeback, this time we’re seeing it modernized on voluminous styles and wave looks that are more polished.  Texture continues to be important and we will see it in waves, braids and twists.  These looks will be incorporated into long styled hair as well as up-dos—the key to this look is loose.

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