10 Summer Haircare Tips

  1. Sun CareSummer proof your hair with Aveda's 3-part defense and recovery Sun Care line created to cleanse, restore and protect your hair.  The hair and body cleanser removes chlorine, salt, and build up; the after-sun hair masque restores weakened hair by moisturizing with natural oils; and the protective hair veil  forms an invisible water-resistent screen to help protect hair from UV exposure for up to 16 hours, to minimize color fadage, damage, and dryness.
  2. Lessen your blowdryer usage, and go for a more natural look.  With summer come higher temperatures and higher humidity levels which reek havoc on all hair types.  Simply put in your hairstyling products and let your hair air dry--be sure your product regimen includes a frizz controlling agent such as Aveda's Be Curtly Style Prep and that your styling product has a minimum of a medium hold.

    Bun BraidNatural BraidBraid

  3. Try new hairstyles that require less heat styling-- style dry hair into a messy up-do, try a cute bun, and braids continue to be all the rage.
  4. Embrace your naturally curly or wavy hair--if you are a slave to the flat iron its time to unplug.  Let your tendrils go wild and learn to love your new look.
  5. FedoraIf you are beach bound or you are planning to spend a lot of time out in the sun invest in one of the season's trendiest hats--right now fedoras and floppy hats are all over the fashion scene.  Not only will this protect your color investment, but it will also protect your delicate face from over exposure to the sun's wrinkle causing rays.
  6. Weather you're a beach bunny or sun-bathing pool beauty, be sure to rinse the salt or chlorine from your hair when ever possible--salt and chlorine both dry out the hair and chlorine can alter your hair color.  Most beaches have walk up showers to rinse off all of that salt, and chances are your pool has similar amenities.
  7. Dry Remedy MasquePamper your hair and treat yourself to a professional deep conditioning treatment every 4-6 weeks to ensure your hair stays moisturized during the summer season; also, follow up with at home treatments you can do once a week to protect your investment.  I highly recommend Aveda's Dry Remedy Botanical Conditioning Treatment for your in-salon treatment and the Dry Remedy Moisturizing Treatment Masque for at-home usage.
  8. Refrain from putting hair in tight ponytails or braids while hair is still wet.  Hair is at its frailest when wet.  Hair has natural elasticity, but when wet the hair can be overstretched and breakage can occur very easily.  The breakage will create a halo around the area where it has broken off and can resemble frizz, but in fact it is your short hair strands that have broken off poking out.
  9. Complete a thorough consultation with your colorist before making drastic changes to your color.  If you spend the entire summer in the pool, going platinum blonde may not be the best idea.  Your colorist can give you realistic approximations of how your desired color can react to the elements you will be exposed to.
  10. Continue to get regular haircuts to keep hair healthy:  short cuts every 4-6 weeks; medium length cuts every 6-8 weeks; and long lengths every 8-10 weeks.

Aveda Products With UV Protection:

  • Brilliant Damage Control
  • Sun Care Protective Hair Veil
  • Color Conserve Daily Color Protect
  • Volumizing Tonic
  • Control Force Firm Hold Hairspray
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