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  • Aveda's New Luxurious Face Cream

    Botanical Kinetics Intense Hydrating Rich Crème This is one of the newest products on our shelves, and I wanted to get the word out that we LOVE IT! It’s a seriously luscious crème that has the staying power to really replenish your skin. With the Hydrating Soft Crème coming out at the same time, I wanted everyone to be sure who these products are for, and which is right for them.

  • The four steps of proper skin care using Aveda's Botanical Kinetics

    Aveda's Botanical Kinetics skin care line     Photo: www.beautystore.com While many of us understand the importance of washing our faces daily, only few of us know the four daily facial cleansing steps and their importance. For example, did you know you should tone in the morning and exfoliate at night? That washing your face twice a day is always important, regardless of your skin type?