The Miracle Cure for Dry Winter Skin

I Used To Work With A Girl Who.....

Let me start by saying, I'm not a product junkie in any way, shape or form. I'm actually more of an anomaly; working in a hair salon and being a product minimalist is a rare thing. Sure new products come in all the time and it's exciting to try the samples, but I rarely buy them for myself. Not because I don't think they work, because they certainly do! I just don't devote that much to my stick straight, long hair outside of a heat protectant and maybe a light coat of hair spray.

So when I'm excited about a product, I'm REALLY excited about a product and I'm really excited about Aveda's Replenishing Moisturizer. The ironic thing about this, it's not a new product at all. In fact, Aveda launched the Replenishing Moisturizer almost 20 years ago!


What finally made me decide to try it then? With the recent onslaught of true winter weather we've had this year, my poor hands were taking a beating. I was coming into work with red, cracked, very sore knuckles. My regular everyday lotion wasn't cutting it and even applying a steroid cream did nothing to relieve my hands. Finally, I was looking through the products and thought Replenishing Moisturizer, that sounds like something that could help because I knew it certainly couldn't hurt. So, I gave it a go. The first thing that I thought was wow, this isn't greasy or heavy at all. I should also mention that I hate and I mean HATE having lotion on my hands. Can't stand it! I put this on, and then I put more on and then I put even more on. It was so light and didn't make my hands greasy plus it had a nice, light fragrance. But the best part? My hands were no longer raw! In fact, they are now the softest part of my body. I think I'm officially addicted to this stuff, because I'm buying it in bulk now! So what's with the girl I used to work with? She would buy several bottles a month of the Replenishing Moisturizer and when I asked her what she did with it she said, "I slather myself in it." That explains why she had the most perfect looking skin and why I will also be doing the same! I only wish I had listened sooner, but I'm a believer now.

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