Our Purpose

Making Everyone’s Day!


MFX Family Core Values


Learning – We believe through constant learning we gain inspiration and excitement which promotes confidence and growth.  Education keeps us moving forward to success.

Trust – We believe trust in our company builds secure relationships within our team and our guests.  Trust promotes ownership, accountability, stability, confidence and happiness.

Teamwork – We believe teamwork is a united effort   supporting individual strengths while achieving group goals.

Success – We believe success is growing personally and professionally in a positive environment.

Creativity – We believe creativity fosters our passion and individuality; continuously inspiring ourselves and others.

Fun – We believe in having humor, laughter and fun in our daily work.

Happiness – We believe that happiness is bringing  joy, harmony, and compassion to our personal and professional lives.

Relationships – We believe that relationships are built on respect and trust, allowing for a loyal support system and a sense of family.

Flexibility – We believe that flexibility is vital to the needs of our guests and our team, fostering an environment of caring and understanding.

Service – We believe that “above and beyond” service builds strong relationships and a connection with our guests.  It creates a caring atmosphere and gives us the opportunity to make someone’s day.