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    I only get my haircut once a year, why is that so bad?

    Question: I never get my hair cut but once a year or so. Why is that so bad? Answer: Quite often I’ll have clients that sit down in my chair only once a year or once every six months.

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    My Hair simply won't grow, why is this and how do I fix it?

      Question:  My hair simply won’t grow past a certain point or it does but it gets less full. Why is this and how do I fix it? Answer: Your hair goes through a few cycles of growth.

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    Why shouldn't I sleep on my wet hair?

    Q:Why shouldn't I sleep on my wet hair? Hair has an ability few people know about. It's elastic.

  • Aveda's New Luxurious Face Cream

    Botanical Kinetics Intense Hydrating Rich Crème This is one of the newest products on our shelves, and I wanted to get the word out that we LOVE IT! It’s a seriously luscious crème that has the staying power to really replenish your skin. With the Hydrating Soft Crème coming out at the same time, I wanted everyone to be sure who these products are for, and which is right for them.

  • Ellie's Holiday Staff Pick

    Here is our first Staff pick from our Aveda Holiday Collection!  Ellie Byrom Stylist at The Domain  My personal favorite holiday gift we offer is the aveda "a gift of warmth and light" candle. It has a really great smell, it just smells like Christmas to me. It also lasts a really long time.

  • New Years Makeup tips

    Around the holidays, everyone seems to be going to a party and at a loss for a new way to make their makeup pop. It can be difficult to do something dramatic and new with your makeup, especially if you stick to a specific color range. If you're used to neutrals, neutrals are what you know, and what you're comfortable with.