Quick styling tips that are totally worth trying! Part III

By:  Cassie Ward, Colorist, Circle C Ranch Location

WigsThinking of making a big change? Are you wanting to go from a blonde to a brunette? Brunette to a fiery red? If so, you are probably a little afraid of what it might look like. You might be wondering if it would even look good with your skin tone. If you are an indecisive person and are afraid to take the plunge, I suggest going to a hair/wig specialty store. Here you will be able to try on a wig in your dream color! This is like trying on shoes! You will be able to test all the shades out before you make a permanent decision.

Do you love our soothing warm towel wrap that your stylist provides you with at the shampoo bowl? You can do the same thing at home. After shampooing your hair apply one of Aveda’s deep conditioning treatments such as the Dry Remedy Moisture Masque or the Color Conserve Strengthening Treatment. Dampen one hand towel, ringing out 90% of the moisture. Place the towel in the microwave for 30 seconds to one minute. Wrap the towel around your head. Allow towel to cool off. The heat and moisture from the towel will open up the hair cuticles allowing the conditioner to penetrate the interior of the hair strand. Not to mention it feels fantastic!

Diagonal PartCan’t seem to make it in for a last minute root touch up? Hide your roots by becoming creative with your part. Having a very straight part or one down the middle exposes both sides of your root. Your half inch roots, just became a FULL inch root. By making more of a diagonal or zig zag part it will allow your root to lift up and camouflage the exposed root.

The NEW Aveda 2013 Fall Winter Collection

Coming to MFX in July, the new fall/winter Aveda Makeup collection Heartlands. Enjoy the photos, more information coming soon!

Aveda Fall Winter 2013 Collection Aveda Fall Winter 2013 Collection Aveda Fall Winter 2013 Collection Aveda Fall Winter 2013 Collection Aveda Fall Winter 2013 Collection Aveda Fall Winter 2013 Collection Aveda Fall Winter 2013 Collection Aveda Fall Winter 2013 Collection Aveda Fall Winter 2013 Collection Aveda Fall Winter 2013 Collection Aveda Fall Winter 2013 Collection


Kisma Salon Joins MFX To Create Largest Aveda Salon Group In Austin


MFX Owner, Chris Murphy and Kisma Owner, Anet Bennet

Austin, TX. Apr. 30, 2013  – Maximum FX has announced the signing of an acquisition of North Austin based Kisma Hair Company. Under the Maximum FX brand, together, these two salons will combine their individual local presence into Austin’s largest Aveda salon group with three area locations. The transaction, which is anticipated to close on May 1, 2013, will create a stronger environmentally conscious local salon services provider with an expanded local reach, providing five star salon services to the Austin community.

Clientele will benefit from enhanced offerings including leveraged technology for ease of communication and appointment setting across three locations, continuing education allowing the staff to continually provide clients with the latest trends and industry best practices.

The combined salon will also have significantly greater presence in local community efforts that are in alignment with their system of core values which are based on: Learning, Trust, Teamwork, Service, Success, Fun, Flexibility, Happiness, Relationships, and Creativity. These core values support the purpose of the new salon, which is “Making Everyone’s Day”, confidently delivering exceptional customer service to the Austin community.

Under the terms of the agreement, KISMA will remain in its current Great Hills location rebranded as “KISMA, A Maximum FX Salon” joining the Maximum FX family with two Austin area locations; South Congress Avenue and Circle C Ranch.

“Kisma and Maximum FX share a similar vision and culture, and will greatly benefit from drawing on the industry’s most talented people, combining our best practices and extending our ability to provide best in class salon services”, said Anet Bennett, Owner of KISMA. “This acquisition now makes the long history of Maximum FX and Kisma collaboration, sharing of resources and shared owner values official.” Bennett will continue with the Maximum FX family as Lead Educator and Team Leader of the Great Hills location.


Kisma Owner, Anet Bennett and MFX Owner, Javier Herrera

“We are excited to bring Kisma into the Maximum FX family of salons,” said Chris Murphy, Owner of Maximum FX. “With the MFX brand becoming the new face and name of Kisma where we will be able to infuse our proven success systems, our five-star customer service and reputation that we’ve worked hard to build in the Austin community.” Chris will continue to serve as CEO and Owner with Javier Herrera, Owner who will also serve at Director Of Education.

For more information, photo and interview opportunities, contact Chris Murphy, chris@maximumfx.com


Maximum FX and Kisma, Official Aveda Concept Salons, combined have provided the Austin community with exceptional salon services for more than 30 years using and endorsing only Aveda products. Both are “Salon 200” award winners, making them amongst the top 200 salons in the country.Kisma and Maximum FX take pride in by being icons of environmental awareness with a proven commitment to both the local Austin and global communities actively supporting the health of our clients and the planet.

Love Changes Everything

Introducing the new aromas by Intelligent Nutrients. Now available at our South Congress location. For pricing information on our new aromas, click here.

Do I really HAVE to use products in my hair?

Occasionally, our stylists will get asked to style their guest’s hair without using any styling products. It may be that they feel their hair gets too “greasy” looking, or it weighs their hair down, or they just don’t like the “feel” of their hair with product in it. We asked our expert stylists to weigh in on this issue.

maximum fx, maximum fx salon


Erinn – “First I would ask why they don’t want to use product. If it’s because they think their hair gets too greasy, I’d say to keep the product off of the root area. If she says it’s because products don’t work on her hair, I’d say we need to find the right ones for her hair type. Maybe she just needs tips on how to cocktail different products and apply them properly.”


Jessica – “For color-treated hair, you MUST use a damage/color protectant on your hair before blowdrying/heat-styling or you can kiss that $200 dye-job goodbye. I understand if a guest is allergic to a certain product, but there are plenty of others out there to try. Being vegan, I won’t use hair products containing animal ingredients, but Aveda makes so many vegan products, that this isn’t really an issue.”


Melinda – “Small amounts of product can make a big difference – in protecting the hair and giving you a more polished look. If your fear is weighing down the hair, it might be an issue of too much product or using the wrong product. Ask your stylist what they recommend. It’s most important to protect the hair from sun and heat damage – even if you wear your hair more natural.”


Kady – “I would ask her what she didn’t like about products, whether it was greasiness, dryness, weighing it down… Applying products on the ends first and then working your way up helps. If her hair feels too dry after using products, she might be using the wrong shampoo and conditioner. If the product doesn’t work like it says it should, try applying it from the underneath to the top in smaller sections.”

We hope that helps! Ask your hair product questions in the comments below!