Earth Day is almost here!

photoOn April 22nd we will celebrate Earth Day, a whole day dedicated to the planet we live on and making sure we keep it clean, sustainable and healthy!  Here at MFX, one day for the Earth is not enough.  We take the entire month of April to raise money and awareness for our most precious resource, water.

All month we will be selling Aveda Earth Month Candles, which benefit Global Green Grants Fund.  (Hurry supplies are limited!) These candles are sustainable soy wax and feature a fragrance of ginger lilly and ginger.  However, the best part is that the full $12 goes directly towards Global Green Grants Fund.  One candle can provide clean water for a family of 6 for 6 months!  Wow!

All three locations are also taking donations for two amazing organizations, the Lower Mississippi River Keeper and Gulf Restoration Network.  These organizations patrol the waters of the Gulf and Mississippi doing everything from testing water samples, protecting wildlife, and helping to prosecute companies that dump illegally into these waterways.

Click on the links below to learn more about these three amazing organizations and stop in to your local MFX and make a donation. The Earth will thank you.

Pet of the Month! ChaCha

Here at MFX we are crazy about our pets!  We can’t help chatting about our adorable doggies, cuddly kitties, and even precious bunnies!  Because we talk so much about our fury friends we thought it would be fun to introduce them to you!  We hope you enjoy getting to know our best friends a little better!

Meet ChaCha


chachaBest friend of: Melinda

Breed: Lhasa apso (say that three times fast!)

Favorite Toy: My jewelry

Favorite Snack: French fries (No, I don’t give them to her my dad says she asks for them.  Noooo dad!)

Favorite Activity: ChaCha loves hanging her head out of my truck window as we fly down the road!  She loves to let her hair go wild!


What Eye Shadow Color is Right for You?

As an Aveda make-up artist, the most common situation that I encounter is my guests not knowing what to do with their eyes. I hear things such as “Well I’m not sure what color to pick,” or “I just put on eye-liner and mascara”.
In one regard I’m sad to hear that so many ladies are stuck, but I’m also happy to inform them of how easy it actually is to use eye shadow.

In regard to picking the color of eye shadow, we’ll go back to basic color theory–knowing your complimentary colors. It’s as simple as that.

The Primary Colors are red, yellow, and blue. Secondary colors are orange, green and violet. Orange compliments blue, green compliments red, and violet compliments yellow.

First you must determine whether your eye color is cool, warm, or neutral. Blue and green eyes would be considered cool, and brown/hazel/black are warm, but can also be a “neutral” eye, which in the makeup world means there are more options for color.

Blue Eyes
Blue eyes are considered cool. Blue is the only cool primary color. Warm tones compliment blue, so when choosing eyeshadow for blue eyes selecting a copper, bronze, tawny or pastel color will make the iris pop. If you have blue eyes, be careful not to flood the eye lid with too much color. The eye color may drown with too much pigment.

photo 2














Aveda’s Earth Rose looks great with blue eyes.

Green Eyes

Green eyes can be a little tricky because sometimes they are cool or warm. To determine if your green eyes lean more warm or cool, just look to see if you have any alternate colored flecks within your green, i.e. gold flecks (warm) or blue flecks (cool) and then follow the color rules.

photo 3













Aveda’s Twilight works well with green as well as hazel eyes.

Hazel, brown, and black eyes are what I like to call the wild card. These eye colors can go with either cool or warm tones for the most part because they are more neutral. Some of my favorite colors for brown eyes are plums, rosey pinks, and bronzes. If you do have hazel, brown, or black eyes and you are having challenges selecting your shadow color, refer to any existing color flecks in the eye, hair color, or skin tone.

photo 1













Aveda’s Copper Haze is beautiful on brown, black and hazel eyes.  You can also try it on blue eyes!

I hope this sheds a little bit more light on how to dress up the eyes using eye shadow.



Interview with an Aveda Colorist!

Aveda Spring Summer 2014

Do you wish you had a hair colorist available to answer all those questions you have about your hair?  Well you’re in luck!  Our resident Aveda color educator and team lead, Erica is here with a hair color F.A.Q!

1. What is all over hair color?
All over means one color from root to ends. It can be matched to your natural color or a different shade depending on any previous color in your hair.

2. Will the color look flat and dull?
Definitely not! Aveda color is created with five certified organic oils to condition the hair as it processes; the final result is shiny and reflective. To me, flat color is the result of too much pigment. We alter the amount of pigment used in your color formula based on hair density and texture.

3. I just want to cover grey but keep my natural color. Is this possible?
Yes! If you have never colored your hair just remember that the grey strands go from root to ends. Which means the color will also go from roots to ends the first time. This can sometimes be a shock to people who have lighter ends due to summer sun exposure.

4. I went brunette for fall and want to be blonde for spring. Can I do an all over color to achieve this?
No. Color can only lighten virgin (never colored) hair.

5. Will it fade?
All color fades. How much depends on how well you protect it from stressors such as UVA/ UVB exposure, extreme hot tool temperatures, and bad shampoo:)

6. What would my maintenance look like?
This really depends on how fast your hair grows, how much grey you have, and the difference between your natural color and your desired color. Kinda vague answer but your colorist should be able to give you a more concrete answer upon consultation.

7. Salon color or box?
You already know what I’m going to say! Your hair texture, density, color, porosity, and underlying pigment is unique to you. So go to a professional who can formulate a color specifically for your “unique” hair.

Pet of the Month! Otis

Here at MFX we are crazy about our pets!  We can’t help chatting about our adorable doggies, cuddly kitties, and even precious bunnies!  Because we talk so much about our fury friends we thought it would be fun to introduce them to you!  We hope you enjoy getting to know our best friends a little better!



Meet Otis!


Best friend of: Tabitha

Breed: Bull Terrier

Favorite Toy: Anything that has stuffing in it he can pull out

Favorite Snack: Marrow Bones

Favorite Activity: Swimming and running in circles